Webinar – Balance Your MarkIT with Special Guest Kelly Stone, Digital Marketing

  • Topic: Digital Marketing

  • Special Guest: Kelly Stone

  • Your Host: Pete Busam

  • March 30, 2023

  • 11AM – 12PM

Welcome to our new webinar series on exploring digital marketing for IT marketing professionals, hosted by Pete Busam, a highly respected and experienced digital marketing expert in the industry. We are also thrilled to introduce Kelly Stone as our first special guest for this series.

As an IT company  or vendor looking to grow and reach your target audience effectively, digital marketing is essential. However, with the constantly evolving landscape of digital marketing, it can be challenging to know where to start or how to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies.

That’s where this webinar series starts!

Join Pete Busam, a highly respected digital marketing expert, and his special guest Kelly Stone, in their webinar “Balancing your MarkIT.” This webinar is a must-attend for any IT marketing professional looking to achieve a balance in their digital marketing strategy. Pete and Kelly will be discussing essential digital marketing elements, including SEO, social media, email marketing, and content marketing, and provide you with practical tips and best practices to help you create a successful digital marketing strategy. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and balance your MarkIT.

Throughout this webinar series, Pete and guests will guide you through the crucial elements of digital marketing, including SEO, social media, email marketing, and content marketing. You’ll learn how to create a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and attracts your ideal customer.

Each webinar session will be interactive and filled with practical tips and best practices that you can apply right away to your IT marketing efforts. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, share your experiences, and connect with other IT marketing professionals.

Whether you’re a seasoned digital marketer or just starting out, this webinar series is perfect for you. By the end of the series, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and how to use it to drive growth and success for your IT company.

So, don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore the world of digital marketing with Pete Busam as your host and Kelly Stone as our special guest. Register now for our upcoming webinar series!

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