5 Things to Do to Enhance Email in Today’s Digitally-Saturated World

Have you ever thought about how many emails you get in a single day? Dozens? Hundreds? The average office worker, for instance, receives about 121 emails a day, and 306.4 billion emails were sent globally in 2020. For email marketers, this presents a unique challenge to break through the noise.

However, there are ways for SMBs and other businesses to think outside the box and get a bit creative to deliver their key messages or offers to customers via email. This is especially important for organizations with a heavily online shopfront, who rely heavily on email marketing to drive sales and grow their overall business book.

Each business wants to put its flair on email marketing, but here are five things to do to try to mix up your email strategy:

Get visual — While words are powerful, a picture is worth a thousand words (as the saying goes). One way to take visual media to the next level is to leverage video content inside email marketing campaigns. Research has shown video to be incredibly effective, with marketers that leverage video growing revenues and shoppers being 85 percent more likely to make a purchase.

Take it to the dogs — While they can’t say any words, dogs (and other furry friends) are a great way to capture a reader’s attention. Whether it’s a pet that represents your company culture or brand like a mascot, or just a cute one that can speak to the topic at hand, it can be one way to grab your audience’s attention.

Share something positive — Because the past year and a half have been challenging for many people, some positive news can really breakthrough; for example, sharing about a community service that your company participated in, a feel-good story about one of your employees, or the impact your organization has had on one of your customers. This can also be a great way to highlight what your brand stands for.

Interesting perspectives on your market — Many marketing emails are about the latest deal or product for sale. But mixing that up with interesting content on the market that is applicable, like the latest housing trends for a realtor, interesting pet news for a pet store, or relevant current events for a non-profit organization.

Go offline — While email marketing certainly has its place, complementing it with an offline strategy, like print or direct mail, can also help break through the noise. While customers are getting bombarded with email, well-placed physical communication can also be effective in today’s world of digital overload.

Trying these tactics can allow SMBs to stand out in a critical marketing channel, allowing them to capture a potential 4300 percent return on investment, according to the Digital Marketing Association.

That’s an investment any business owner can get behind!

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