Pete has been in the tech business for a long time. He understands the ebb and flow of running a tech firm. He is a guy who will give you the real story every time. If you are looking for a guy who genuinely cares and is willing to go the distance with and for you, then look no further! I would highly recommend Pete for any endeavor.

George Bardissi Founder & CEO at bvoip, MSP Initiative, & Bardissi Enterprises

I attended a recent event where the head of Fortune 500 company commented that they hire on trustworthiness and integrity. Pete Busam comes to mind with those two words as well and having technical and leadership skills. It’s a pleasure to have worked with Pete in the past. He is a bonus to any organization he works with.

Teresa Varela-Lauper

Pete is a great strategist, trainer, coach and speaker. Over the past few years he has shared his insights and expertise to the ChannelPro audience and we are grateful for it. He excels at getting organizations to think, act and perform better – driving business value and improving corporate culture at the same time.

Michael Siggins – ChannelPro Network, VP and Publisher, Your Content Goes Here

We’ve worked with Pete and his staff for a couple of years now and have greatly appreciated his insight in developing and executing our sales and marketing efforts. Leveraging Equilibrium as our marketing department has helped us to implement and improve all of those projects that we just weren’t able to move forward with in the past, which has been invaluable to our continued growth. I highly recommend their services for any company looking for realistic, actionable steps that they can take to move the ball forward!

Jeff Altom Principal – Core Vision IT Solutions

I have enjoyed working with Pete in the past. His “can do” approach to the business is refreshing and good for those around him. He is creative, willing to think out of the box, and does a good job pulling others into his projects to ensure he gathers opinions from resources across the teams he is supporting.

Michael Humke – M.Humke Consulting LLC

Equilibrium has been a fantastic partner who has helped our business grow. Their various experiences has helped to get marketing, sales and business managment tuned up. With Equilibrium’s help, we can focus more on service and sales knowing that other key areas of our business are covered.

Jason Comstock – President, Clarity Technology Solutions

Equilibrium’s knowledge of and experience in the IT channel produce phenomenal results for their clients’ organizations. If you’re looking for a resource to help you grow your business through your vendor and distributor partnerships, then you should definitely talk with Equilibrium.

Pete is also a vibrant communicator and presenter, who has a great way of presenting ideas in a persuasive, entertaining and informative manner, which I learned through our experience conducting Live Webinar Training together for MSP University.
Pete’s a good friend and colleague, and always has something interesting to say.

Katherine Hunt Director

We engaged with Equilibrium to help us create a professional sales process. He worked with us to develop a system for opportunity management and provided sales coaching that was instrumental in contributing to a 40% growth in revenue for 2013. Equilibrium continues to be the team that we turn to when we have sales questions.

Paul Blough, Owner BloughTech

Pete and his team at Equilibrium Consulting have helped us get our sales and marketing on track like never before. Their experience and follow through are awesome! I love our weekly calls and all the projects we are working on together.

Karl Bickmore, snaptech IT

Equilibrium Consulting has served as a resource to Evolve/HTG Peer Groups for several years, adding value to our members in the areas of sales engagement, marketing, and hiring. Their message and expertise has helped our members in areas where they frequently struggle. We also appreciate the willingness to volunteer and adapt their message to our needs.

Scott Scrogin, IT Nation Innovation Director, Strategy at ConnectWise

Pete is one of the top operations-oriented solution provider executives in the country. He has managed and grown a solution provider business from small to big shops, overseeing everything from sales and marketing to solutions implementation to customer care and return on investment (ROI) verification. You would be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgeable executive in terms of technology and vendor relationships. He was managing inside and outside. Detail-oriented. Personable with a talent for building long and fruitful relationships in every aspect of the business

Steven Burke, Channel Company

Pete’s commitment to technology and solution selling coupled with his passion for the industry is unmatchable. Pete understands that to be successful selling to customers, you need to have as good or better relationships with his vendors. This makes Pete a very important ingredient to any Value Added Reseller who is looking for a professional who has touched every part of being a true reseller. I would recommend Pete to anyone who is looking to upgrade their sales, purchasing or general mangement

John Marks

One of the best IT Industry execs I knew. Pete is a dynamic individual who has both a keen intellect and superb instincts for the business. I regularly went to Pete to bounce ideas off of and always received thoughtful and insightful feedback. Few people in the industry net out a situation as fast and accurately as Pete. In addition, he builds long-lasting relationships and is well connected in the industry. Net net is Pete’s winner.

Kevin Gilroy, Former HP, SAP and Samsung Veteran

Pete is a no-nonsense guy that puts his experience to work. He has been an enormous asset to several Evolve members in sales and marketing areas. He gets stuff done.

His approach is disciplined, and that is what makes it work. No fancy tactics, just good old basic blocking, and tackling which is what assures success. He has been a great partner to Evolve/HTG and our members!

Arlin Sorenson, VP Ecosystem Evangelism at ConnectWise