Meet the Team

Influential leaders recognize that what they know is very little compared to what they still need to learn. In our desire to be proficient in pursuing and achieving objectives, management must be open to new ideas, insights, and business conditions to accomplish goals better.  We believe a learning culture is exercised by engaging in a constant dialogue with peers, advisers, consultants, team members, suppliers, customers, and competitors.

Leading others is not simply a matter of style or following some how-to guides or recipes. The ineffectiveness of leaders seldom results from a lack of know-how or how-to, nor is it typically due to inadequate managerial skills. Leadership is not even about creating a great vision. It is about creating conditions under which all your followers can perform independently and effectively toward a common objective.

Our motto at Equilibrium is to “Find Balance in Everything We Do.”  Our leadership team must balance work, life, and community. These attributes allow us to deliver on corporate responsibility within our organization and set a model for others to follow.

Peter Busam
Founder,President & CEO
Denise Busam, CISSP
Vice President
Automation and Workflow
Whitney Kirn
Creative Director
Creative/Client Marketing


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