4 Practical Ways to Use AI in Marketing in 2022

While many people are familiar with the general concept of artificial intelligence (AI), they may not be too sure how to use it in a practical sense, especially in business. For marketers, AI can increase productivity and generate additional leads for sales. But knowing when and how to use AI isn’t always the easiest thing to spot. 

Without a doubt, AI’s expected to play a role in marketing for years to come. The global AI in the marketing market is expected to reach $40.09 billion by 2025. While using AI in marketing has become commonplace, many marketers are still behind the eight-ball, unsure of where to begin. 

There are several practical ways for businesses to use AI in marketing in 2022.

Predictive analytics. Predicting marketing trends and customer behavior puts a business far ahead of its competitors. In fact, the predictive analytics market is growing at a 23.2 percent rate year over year. By combining data, AI, and machine learning, businesses can predict the future needs of their customers and other stakeholders. Targeting customers with the right products or services is another benefit of predictive analytics.

Better copy. Writing copy takes up a lot of time and resources, especially if your marketers aren’t the best writers, which could easily be the case amid a labor shortage. Instead of focusing their efforts elsewhere, some marketers spend the entire day writing copy in front of a screen. Products such as Anyword are designed to assist marketers with generating more engaging copy for their stakeholders. AI can also assist marketers with developing ideas for various types of content, including blog posts, videos, newsletters, and social media campaigns.

Chatbots to the rescue. There’s a reason why the chatbot market has grown significantly over the past several years and is projected to hit about $1.25 billion by 2025 — it saves businesses time and money. Instead of answering questions based on a set of rules, chatbots today can become smarter over time using a combination of a process known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI. By using chatbots, businesses no longer need to hire support around the clock to answer questions from potential customers.

Personalized recommendations. AI helps businesses with getting personal. For example, a business can provide personalized recommendations to a customer using AI. “Just bought a suit? How about this tie? It brings out your eyes.” And why wouldn’t businesses leverage AI to sell more products? Eighty percent of consumers would be more likely to buy from a brand if it offered a personalized experience.

Ignoring AI in marketing isn’t an option in 2022. Your competitors are (and have been) using it to their advantage, and avoiding AI is simply you resisting the inevitable. Start using AI in your marketing plan today.

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