3 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital marketing trends often inspire marketers to try new things and take chances, and they also help keep a brand fresh while potentially reaching new customers. Since trends change daily, it can be challenging to determine which to jump on.

Here’s the good news: 2022 looks like a big year for the world. We can finally see people safely, return to the office, and engage with the community. Digital marketing trends in 2022 seem to be using what we’ve experienced over the past few difficult years to help foresee how users will engage with brands moving forward.

Three trends are how we use QR codes, influencers, and keeping content simple.

QR codes are here to stay

QR codes have been around for quite some time. From 2018, QR code interactions grew by 94 percent in 2020, before the pandemic moved us all to contactless payments, menus, and even augmented reality. Using QR codes by stores and restaurants empowers customers to complete quicker checkouts and reduces staff and material needs. These businesses also benefit from using QR codes to collect consumer data. This type of first-party data is critical to organizations, as Apple and Google work to increase user privacy and reduce third-party data collection.

Know any influencers? 

In addition to utilizing more QR codes in 2022, businesses can jump on another trend: hiring influencers. While there are several different types of influencers, one stands out from the rest. A micro-influencer has less than 25,000 followers and usually has an engagement rate of around seven percent. This type of influencer is typically more affordable for businesses, and consumers view these smaller influencers as “someone like me,” which inevitably leads to sales. You can utilize micro-influencers most effectively by researching their channel and content. If they seem to fit your organization, reach out, and learn more about their pricing. They may want to try your product first. Either way, your business will reach people within your target audience at a low cost per conversion.

Content is king

Consumers are overwhelmed with content these days, so the best way to reach your target audience in 2022 is to keep your content simple. Keep messaging direct, assets concise, and preferably short. Short-form content can be a great tool to use when trying to keep your marketing materials simple. For instance, try creating Reels or TikToks to increase reach and keep your audience engaged.

As mentioned above, trends are constantly changing. Keeping an eye on how businesses use QR codes, micro-influencers’ impact, and simple and short content will help your business grow over the next year.

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