Webinar Recording – A Day in the Life of a Marketing Maestro

  • Topic: A Day in the Life of a Channel Marketing Maestro

  • Special Guests: Megan Mahar and Michaella Bergamo

  • Your Host: Pete Busam

  • January 24, 2024

  • Recording

A Day in the Life of a Channel Marketing Maestro

Join us for a compelling episode of Balance Your MarkIT in 2024, where we discuss the remarkable journey of Megan Mahar and Michaella Bergamo. Less than a year ago, they stepped into the roles of Partner Success Managers, navigating the intricate world of channel marketing within their organization.

In an environment that prioritizes growth and empowerment, Megan and Michaella have not only embraced the challenges but have also become architects of impactful partnerships. Their swift adaptation and collaborative spirit have positioned them as leaders in orchestrating successful events, showcasing the power of dedication.

Discover the insights, lessons, and keys to success as Megan and Michaella share their experiences, and learn how they’ve taken the reins in shaping the trajectory of partner success. Take advantage of this exciting episode, where we discuss the dynamics of channel marketing and the growth opportunities within an organization that fosters innovation and initiative. Join us on this journey of empowerment and transformation!

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