Not Producing Videos Yet? What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re not producing videos yet, you may want to reconsider your marketing strategy. You’re missing out on a significant opportunity to reach your audience. While producing videos may seem intimidating, start small, develop a video or two and take it from there. Undoubtedly, video is becoming an essential part [...]

Enhance Your Digital Marketing Toolset with connectmyPSA

As any good marketer knows, data-driven marketing is key to driving better business outcomes, but what you may not realize is that data alone isn’t enough to move the needle forward. Using the right digital marketing tools to assess the data you collect through your marketing efforts will allow you [...]

Marketing: Stop Planning and Begin Executing

Many marketers are idea people, which, especially in marketing, we need, but, unfortunately, ideas will only get you and your clients so far. While we need idea people to help develop marketing campaigns, creative pieces, and strategies, we also need individuals who know how to execute and measure marketing plans. [...]

What Automated Lead Nurturing Can Do for You

While you've probably already got some lead nurturing campaigns going on, are they automated? If not, you're leaving money on the table. Businesses are spending more money on marketing automation solutions today than ever before. In fact, spending on marketing automation tools is expected to increase from $11.4 billion in [...]

Considering Marketing Automation Software? Here’s What You Need to Know

Marketing automation is known for saving marketers time, money, and resources. With the right marketing automation solution in place, your marketing efforts are bound to succeed. But if you're unsure how to select the marketing automation software for your organization, you're not alone. Before going with a marketing automation platform, [...]

5 Tools to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts in 2020

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or TikTok, social media has become an integral part of many of our daily lives. Nearly 50 percent of the world’s population uses social media, with an average of two hours and 22 minutes spent per person. Those statistics are rising every year and [...]

Why You Should Focus on Organic SEO Before Paid Search

As an experienced digital marketer will tell you, search engine marketing (SEM) is essential to any digital marketing strategy. Including organic SEO and paid search initiatives in your overall SEM plan is key to successfully increasing your company’s visibility across search engines. But before you invest any money in paid [...]

5 Things to Know About Marketing During a Recession

It’s natural to cut as much business and marketing spending as possible during a recession or economic downturn. However, it might also be one of the best times to invest. That’s because investing in marketing during a recession can potentially have benefits that far exceed those that a business might [...]

5 Simple Subject Line Strategies to Boost Email Open Rates

With enough practice and discipline, anybody can effectively use subject lines, boost email open rates, secure additional leads, and generate new revenue. While the subject line you choose for a marketing email isn’t everything, it still contributes significantly to your success. Your subject line is even more important than what’s [...]

Ready to Pivot? Start With Your Digital Marketing Strategy

With everything going on in our society, your business’s digital marketing efforts may seem like the least of your worries, but think again. The world is rapidly changing. There’s a “new normal” everybody is trying to get used to on some level. Many employees are still working remotely and struggling [...]

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