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Where Data Analytics Plays a Role in Marketing for SMBs

Standing out among competitors isn't always easy for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), even with clever marketing campaigns. One way to take your marketing efforts to the next level is by using the analytics available to you. As you're aware, your marketing tools generate data, and that data then gets [...]

3 B2B Marketing Automation Mistakes SMBs Are Making in 2022

After surviving the pandemic, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) around the country are strapped for resources. Teams are smaller, and there's less money, but there's hope as we look toward the future. Acquiring more customers is integral to any business, and marketing automation may be the best way to help. [...]

Marketing in the Metaverse: What Marketers Should Know

As all good marketers know, it’s crucial to reach customers on whatever new channel they might be on. Soon, that could mean reaching customers through virtual reality and the Metaverse. The Metaverse is a concept that’s very much still being evolved. Still, in general, it refers to a network of [...]

How to Personalize Marketing Campaigns in 2022

Personalization is key when connecting and building relationships with your current or potential customers through marketing efforts. This is especially true in a day and age where customers are flooded with digital and in-person marketing efforts that may otherwise overload their senses. The impact of personalization is clear. According to [...]

How Data Mining Plays Into Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re gathering data on your customers, you’re sitting on a potential gold mine of opportunity. By leveraging data mining, SMB business owners can leverage the power of data to gain insights that can help them grow their businesses and maximize their opportunity in the market. Data mining involves taking [...]

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