6.5 Rules to Qualify Your Sales Prospects

Sales ProspectsRules are at the foundation of qualification.  The ability to understand and deal with the prospect should be short and powerful.  Here are the 6.5 rules

  1. Gather your top questions that make your company different than the next TSP (technology service provider). They will help you gain important information. Don’t forget to rehearse them so you are comfortable and confident in front of the prospect.
  2. Plan the conversation to include issues that concern the prospects true concerns and relate it to business success. Always remember you are in charge of the conversation, so steer the client in directions to tell the story.
  3. Pre-Call research is a great way to break the ice. Ensure that you learn about items facing their industry, their business, competitors and the person you meet with. Proper preparation shows you care, are knowledgeable and want them as a client.
  4. Tour their office or facility. Ask questions as you tour about trouble areas, competitive advantages, goals, etc. this will help you in your business discussion and further help solve a problem.
  5. Solve problems! Company executives are not interested in speed and feeds or how great your company is.  Sell based upon similar situations that a prospect can relate to providing them with a visual of how their business can get better with your solution
  6. Provide testimonials from like companies or ones that shared a similar problem. This provides proof that you have delivered in a situation similar to theirs.

6.5 Relax and enjoy the meeting, building relationships is a huge success factor when selling, relate to the person and their situation, view their office belongings and draw correlations.

I am sure that you may view this blog and say these are obvious things, but if you honestly measured yourself or a rep, I would venture to say that half of the rules are cut out and change the acquisition of a net new client.

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