Are Your Interview Skills Ready for Today’s Candidates?

Over the years we have helped many organizations hire sales or operations personnel.  During that time we have found many qualified candidates that see to evaporate when the organization is finally ready to actually hire the professional.

Why did they evaporate?  This is the question that many hiring managers ask us.  Basically it is due to a lack of communication or hiring practices.  Here are a few items to think about removing from your hiring practice

  • Going Silent – Many of you are running a busy business and are extremely bad at answering a phone call or returning one. If a candidate has an expectation that was set during the interview, expect them to follow up (a good candidate would).  If you don’t return the call, then what do you think that tells the potential candidate?
  • Focus on a Past Position or Salary – Stop focusing on the past, present them with real live situations to see how they solve your problems. The past is what got them to the interview, presenting how to solve your issues are what will secure them the position.  Compensation is important but if they can solve your problem, then compensate properly and they will be happy to be part of the team.
  • Pre-employment Tests – No doubt a tech test or a ride along can uncover many things, but who has the time to put in all the energy for a test and then have you go silent. There are plenty of ways to find out if someone can perform using a Disc or Motivator.  They are quick, easy and provide insight into the person and how they will mesh with your team.
  • Lack of Information at the Interview – Many times you have a great candidate but you have failed to provide some very critical information to help them and you during the conversation. At a minimum you may want to provide a printout of the position notification and detailed position decryption to ensure that a discussion on the items are all discussed and any questions can be ironed out.
  • Not Being Prepared – Spend the time in the interview digging into problems and solutions. So many hiring managers show up and read the resume in front of the candidate.  This demonstrates your lack of preparation.  Read the resume, go on LinkedIn or other social medial and know a little about your candidate.  Have 10 -15 questions ready that help you dig in to how they solve problems and show them that you took the time to learn about them, just as you would have expected them to do the research about your company.

By being properly prepared and focusing on the future, both parties should be able to conclude what the engagement would look like.  Provide realistic expectations and ensure that you nurture the candidates in the pipeline so they stay engaged.  It is OK to let them know that they are not a fit for the position at the conclusion of the interview, it may also relieve setting an unrealistic expectation for follow up.

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