Automatically preserve your documents while you work in QuoteWerks!

Power failure, computer crashes, and bad luck.  These are unfortunate circumstances that we live with in a technology age and cause us to lose countless hours each year.
In QuoteWerks v5.1, they added Auto-save to help reduce these issues.  The Auto-save will remind you to save your document the first time you add a contact or item to the quote or proposal.  Once you have saved your document the Auto-save will run silently in the background checking for changes to your document every two minutes.


QuoteWerks Autosave Dialog Box

If a change is found in your document, QuoteWerks will automatically save your work without interrupting what you are currently doing.  A notification will appear in the bottom right-hand of the Document Items tab each time the Auto-save detects a change and has saved the document.


QuoteWerks Autosave status

The Auto-save feature is automatically enabled in QuoteWerks, however it can be toggled on/off under the Tools-> My Preferences settings.  Each user has the option to enable or disable this feature.


QuoteWerks Setup Tab

For information on setting up or using the ConnectWise with QuoteWerks, call us at 856.552.1053 x1001

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