Selling Technology Assessments

Technology assessment involves face-to-face selling.  This can be a scary and daunting idea to many sales consultants since they have to sell a service that others percieve should be provided for free.  Consider a few basic selling techniques when selling your technology assessment services.

Finding Clients

This is the most important step in selling your technology assessment skills.  Sometimes, clients are referred to you.

However, when first starting out, you will probably need to seek out potential customers.  Consult local business directories to determine which businesses might benefit from your services.  Contact them directly.

Setting an Appointment

Most consultants feel more comfortable with first sending a letter or brochure about their business to a prospect.  This letter should detail that you will be calling to discuss your services in more detail.  After a week, phone the prospective client.

Some will not be interested; some will, and some won’t even come to the phone.  Be prepared for these responses and do not take them personally.

Making a Face-to-Face Sale Presentation

Once an appointment has been set, research the business and any important background information.  Arrive to the appointment on time, with a positive expression and attitude.

Once a prospect’s needs have been determined, you can detail the technology assessment services that you can provide – make sure to differentiate what makes your companies assessment different from the competitors FREE assessment.  A prospect’s objections are often a good sign, indicating they are interested in your services.  Listen carefully so you can overcome any objections throughout the sales presentation.

Closing the Sale

Believe it or not, many consultants forget to ask for the sale!  Once you and the prospective client have discussed fees and any other negotiable items, it is time to close the sale.

Detail the exact technology assessment services that you will provide, set the fee, and determine when the project will begin.  Get out your appointment book and have a contract ready.  Don’t miss the opportunity to gain a new client!

The Bottom Line about Technology Assessment – Selling Your Services

Understanding some basic sales techniques will assist the technology assessment consultant in gaining clients.  Although it is a frightening task for many sales consultants, it is a necessity.  Preparation and role-playing will assist the consultant in feeling more comfortable with the process.

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