The Human Side of Quality Service

An important human aspect of a quality program is the way that you personally interact with your clients.  In other words, what impressions do we make on them through our attitude, appearance, speech and responsiveness.  We must always keep in mind that our individual efforts to provide quality client support is very important.  Also everyone should be aware that a client’s perception of quality may be based solely on a personal daily contact we have with them.

With that in mind, the following guidance is something to be reminded of every day to make the best impression possible with our clients

  1.   Look your best – Take pride in your appearance and dress appropriately.
  2. Be friendly – A client will be much more receptive to an up0beat person who is polite and suitably friendly
  3. Show Enthusiasm – Always try to convey a positive image.  A client does not want to hear your problems or deep sighs when he/she is working.
  4. Be prepared – always have a notebook, pen and background material readily available.
  5. Anticipate client needs – Try to be one step ahead of your client
  6. Be available – pay frequent visits to you clients office
  7. Always pay attention – Be an active listener, have positive body language and be accessible.  Return all calls promptly
  8. Be a team player – Use the expertise of your co-workers, share information, always have someone else check your work and never talk negatively about your co-workers or your client.
  9. Do it now – make a client’s request your number one priority and do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Make sure that you do exactly what the client tells (that’s why you should carry a notebook and pen!)
  10. Always do your best!

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