What does “I Do” really mean in partnering?

Today many people know these common words when they make a commitment to each other in marriage, but do they truly mean it. The same holds true when Solution Providers marry their organization to a major OEM. Do we really understand the “give and take” that is required to be a good match, the work that is required on both sides to ensure success.

Too many times Solution Providers are eager to take the benefit but not engage properly. This lack of partner sales with no commitment to train technical and sales people becomes a factor on how the relationship progresses. OEM’s are patient, just like a good spouse, willing to work through details that are not clear – but in the end, the SP must step up to the plate and represent the relationship properly.

As the economy continues to rebound OEM partners want to engage with Solution Partners.  The OEM’s have cut their resources just like the rest of industry and are looking for a few good partners that will go deeper in the relationship to have joint marketing, sales calls showing strength between their brand and the local SP resource.

So will you say “I Do” to your partners and engage or will you continue on a path that provides no benefit to your organization. Only your team can control the destiny of partnering with OEM’s. Commitment counts and like any marriage pays great dividends – what are you waiting for, this counseling session is over!

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