How You Should Use Videos to Increase Engagement With Your Blog Posts

When it comes to content, video is king. In fact, video has emerged over the past few years as one of the best ways to increase engagement across digital and social media.

Adding a video to a blog can help provide more ways for your audience to absorb your information and provide compelling video content to draw viewers in. On top of that, video can be particularly effective at explaining concepts, showing versus telling about a particular topic, and conveying emotion.

Engagement is one way to measure how effective digital content is overall. Vital elements of measuring engagement for content like blogs include time on page (how long a reader spent reading the content), exits rate (how many people left your site immediately after reading the blog), email or social sign-ups, and social shares.

While engagement is one helpful metric for marketers, what does it mean for a small and medium business owner? According to one survey, 74 percent of marketers said blogs with video were more effective at generating new business leads than those without. The longer form of video ensures viewers stay on your page longer, reducing something known as the “bounce” rate and often correlates to a higher probability of a sale.

On top of that, video also helps provide viewers with more information about your products, services, and overall business mission. As a complement to a blog, a video can help tell a more holistic story or present the information in ways that appeal to more types of people.

Engagement comes from engaging content

While video can help drive engagement, it can only do that if the content itself is exciting and relatable. In practice, that means ensuring videos are informative and entertaining and provide important information to your target audiences.

Before making any content, it’s essential to take the time to figure out whom your key audiences are and thinking through what type of content would most appeal to those groups. If part of a blog post, think through how these audiences might prefer to receive information and if a video can help augment the blog post or serve as another way to digest the same content.

On top of that, it’s critical to invest in quality. While it might be more time-consuming or expensive to create, having high-quality video, audio, editing, and content can help ensure a viewer stays from beginning to end.

Make the most of your investment

While the payoff can be significant, creating a video can also be time and resource-intensive. For that reason, it benefits any small or medium business to make the most out of the content. For instance, videos created to increase engagement for blog posts can also be repurposed in many different ways, including leveraging multiple formats, shorter versions for social media, and cuts for different final products.

With all these factors in mind, it’s worth SMBs considering how video can be a part of their overall blog or digital strategies to drive engagement and increase their potential for a sale.

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