Saving Time on Data Management: Connect Your PSA to Your Prospect Database

Lead generation is one of the most important parts of sales and marketing. It’s a process where your sales and marketing teams work in unison to generate leads and convert them. Having the proper marketing and sales tools in place for your sales and marketing teams enables you to close more deals and generate additional revenue.

But before purchasing any tools for your sales and marketing teams, do your homework. Evaluate your options, which there are many, objectively. Do they streamline your sales and marketing operations? Do they integrate seamlessly into your CRM? The answer to both questions should be “yes” if lead database management is of the utmost importance to you.

Of course, capturing leads for your salespeople is one of your top priorities as a marketer. While there are various places for you to acquire leads, including blog posts, social media, and emails, converting those leads after you’ve captured them is the next step.

No matter how great your salespeople are, converting bad leads into customers is next to nearly impossible and a waste of everybody’s time. One of your primary responsibilities is to qualify leads before handing them off to your salespeople; however, moving data from one program to another takes time, resources, and money. The faster you put data in the hands of your sales team, the quicker you can make money and grow your business.

A subscription-based cloud-based application, ConnectmyPSA helps you with doing just that. Designed by Equilibrium Consulting, the product connects to Constant Contact, ConnectWise, and MailChimp. It’s known to help salespeople generate leads 50 percent faster and save a marketing person five days a month of data management. It connects external applications to your primary CRM, converging your data in one unique place (Imagine how much more money your salespeople could make by saving all that time!)

Your marketers don’t have to go into ConstantContact or a spreadsheet to gather information on prospects. Instead, the connectmyPSA suite puts them in contact with the prospects actively engaged in your digital marketing and interested in your products or services. Linking your website, Constant Contact, or MailChimp to your PSA can be powerful and increase productivity for your reps and reduce frustration.

Your marketing and sales teams work hand in hand. You work hard to acquire leads for your organization, and you know that leads, especially qualified ones, are expensive. When data are lost between the two groups, you lose money. Having a system that keeps lead data in one centralized place helps prevent any data loss. It’s as simple as that.

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