3 Tips for Building an Engaged Email List

One of the most efficient ways to communicate with an audience is through email marketing. No matter the organization’s size, directly messaging customers who’ve engaged with materials or signed up for more information helps push those same consumers down the sales funnel; however, ensuring the email list is up to date and engaged can be a heavy task.

While sorting through your list may seem a bit tedious, it’s worth your time, as being able to target your audience effectively matters. Marketers who used segmented campaigns have witnessed a 760 percent increase in revenue, according to Campaign Monitor.

Here are three tips for building an engaged email list: finding the ideal consumer, cleaning the list early and often, and using analytics to improve messaging.

Ideal consumers

Offering opt-in options is one of the best ways to acquire subscribers to your newsletter. If the subscribers on your email list opted in, they more than likely want to engage with you in some form or another. They’re either interested in your product, looking to buy from you, or requesting more information. Do it today if you haven’t set up an opt-in option for your newsletter. Other options for building a successful email list include incentives or prompts on your website, social media, or recruiting customers to sign up in person. Including these different subscribers on your list allows you to directly reach a wide range of consumers. Finally, avoid buying a list of emails from a third party. These customers are likely not interested in the product and may become frustrated when receiving emails.

Clean and update your list

An essential aspect of maintaining an engaged email list is updating it frequently. By periodically reviewing your list, it becomes clear which subscribers are viewing your emails and those who haven’t opened any messages in a while. A great first step is to review emails categorized as “bounced.” These emails are usually in limbo and can be easily updated by verifying spelling or other minor errors.

Use analytics

Like any other marketing campaign, analytics are the key to success. Using analytics from email marketing platforms will assist in reaching your most engaged audience. First, review which addresses are opening your messages. From there, dive deeper into the data. Figure out where your subscribers are clicking through and others are exiting immediately or not even opening. Audience segmentation becomes a bit easier once you dive into the data, which will provide insights into your customers, including age, location, income level, and more. You can then use this information to create appropriate content for your email campaigns, leading to an increased open and click-through rate.

Email marketing lists are an asset to any organization, especially SMBs. If you’re mindful of how to keep an engaged email list, communicating with your ideal audience should be a piece of cake.

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