How to Build Brand Awareness Through Email Campaigns

It can be challenging to increase brand awareness, as customers are bombarded with marketing campaigns constantly. One effective way for marketers to overcome this challenge is by directly contacting their customers through email campaigns.

Email marketing is a great approach to reach customers daily and has an impressive return on investment (ROI) of 4,200 percent. While email marketing can be used to achieve various marketing objectives, increasing brand awareness is one of the more common ones. As you’re probably aware, brand awareness is the “extent to which customers are able to recall or recognize a brand under different conditions.” Simply put, having a high level of brand awareness increases not only the likelihood of retaining customers but acquiring new ones.

It may sound like a lot of work, but you can build brand awareness through email marketing through the tips outlined below.

Keeping your list active through consent

Giving potential customers the choice to opt into your marketing emails is the first step to any brand awareness campaign. By doing this, you’re empowering consumers by giving them a choice while simultaneously protecting your brand’s reputation. On the latter, buying email lists or automatically subscribing users typically results in negative consequences for your brand. On the other hand, when customers provide email addresses in exchange for a discount or more information, they are consenting to receive your company’s emails. These subscribers are actively seeking information from you about your services or products, which means they’re the audience you should be targeting.

Are you consistent?

When attempting to increase brand awareness through email marketing, you must keep in mind the following: Consistency is key and not only when it comes to frequency. Keeping your brand’s voice consistent across all types of content, from emails to blog posts to social media, ensures your brand messaging is on point. Additionally, your email’s layout and overall look should be the same. Make sure you use the same fonts, color schemes, and sections so that customers know they’re viewing an email from your company and not a competitor’s.

Evaluate your automation tools

Choosing the right automation tool can have a significant impact on increasing brand awareness through email campaigns. The right tool can help you set up automatic emails as soon as customers trigger an action. For example, when consumers first sign up to receive emails from you, they should receive a welcome email. The right automation tool can assist you with this. Greeting users with personalized messages to thank them for subscribing and giving a run-down of your products will increase your visibility while keeping your brand top of mind. Other examples of automated emails include birthday campaigns, event registration and attendance campaigns, and cart-abandonment campaigns.

Email campaigns are an easy way for you to connect with customers directly. Remember: Consistency is key to building loyal relationships with your customers, and automation is a way to make the experience easier. Begin using email campaigns to increase your brand awareness today!

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