How Your Business Can Grow with Email Marketing

The start of the new year is a great time to reflect on the successes and failures of your organization. You may have outperformed competitors due to a new marketing strategy. On the other hand, you found significant areas of improvement within your operations team. Whatever it is, now is the time to make changes to grow your business. Investing in an email marketing strategy is one way to grow your business.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing where businesses can make customers on a list aware of new products and potential discounts and incentivize customer loyalty. To consumers, it is often a softer way to sell products or push messaging, as compared to using display or social media ads that can take up the entire screen. Effectively using email marketing can grow your SMB by increasing sales, growing customer loyalty, and sharing testimonials.

Increasing sales

If increasing sales is a goal for your business, consider using an email marketing strategy. First, you must ensure your email list is up to date. Hopefully, you have been compiling emails from users who visit your website and want to stay informed about the organization. Once you clean up your contact list, design your email template to put sale information at the top. From there, ensure the email is personalized and indicates the purpose. Emailing customers will help inform them of important events or discounts and motivate them to click through to your site.

Growing customer loyalty

More than 75 percent of consumers feel loyal to specific brands in the United States. If your business is looking to get in on that number, email marketing might be the best way. As previously mentioned, customers have already shown interest in your brand by consenting to receive emails from you. You can push them to the next level of the sales funnel by creating personalized messages and offering specific discounts to customers on the list. The more personalized the message, the better. Another tactic to increase customer loyalty is to remind your customers that they have items in their shopping cart. Using this strategy to remind customers they have yet to check out can help motivate customers to buy your product or remind them to revisit your site.

Customers who feel loyal to a brand are more than repeat shoppers. They also spread their passion for your company by recommending it to others.

Sharing testimonials

Another effective way to grow your business using email marketing is to share testimonials. Testimonials and reviews are social proof that your product works and is better than another. Eighty-six percent of customers rely on word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews to purchase an item.

Examples of how to use testimonials in email marketing materials include:

  • Sharing the testimony verbatim in the email
  • Incentivizing customers to make video reviews to include in the message
  • Personalize the testimony by sending a positive review to a potential customer who has viewed that product
  • Combine testimony from your website with reviews from other platforms, including Yelp, Google, or social media platforms.

Many businesses already use email marketing to help promote their business. You can stand out by effectively using the tactics listed above. Let the growth for 2023 start today!

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