Why Personalization is Key to Digital Marketing Success

Did you know that 70 percent of customers expect a personalized experience from brands? If you have not started personalizing marketing materials, you’re missing out on significant sales and brand advocates. While personalizing print campaigns can work from time to time, combining digital marketing with personalization will do a better job of enhancing your business and audience knowledge.

Personalization is a tactic brands use to contextualize messages, offers, and experiences. By creating personalized messages, your target audience is more intrigued by your ads and more likely to be loyal to your brand. Through digital marketing, you can use software and data to understand your prospective audience and their wants. The data can include purchase history, demographics, website history, and more. From there, marketers create campaigns, ads, and messages to refine the customer experience and push them through the sales funnel.

Finding success in digital marketing is easy if you utilize the data, build campaigns for your customers, and retarget to personalize the best experience with your brand.

Utilizing data

In 2023, the amount of data available to digital marketers is incredible. Utilizing cookies or platforms like Google Analytics can make understanding your customers and creating segmented campaigns easy. For example, you can run an email campaign with custom links to drive users to specific items on your page. From there, you could track if the user clicked through to the site, purchased the item, or did not open the message. Then, after analyzing the results, you can segment the users based on the campaign’s success and break segments into time on the website, bounce rate, or first-time vs. returning visitors.

Utilizing the data can also mean targeting your audience based on their specific demographics. If using social media or Google Analytics, you can see the sex, age range, location, and interests of users who engage with your page. Personalized campaigns can include sales messaging for men or winter jackets if the user is in New York in February.

Campaigns for your audience

Understanding your audience will lead to successful campaigns and, inevitably, higher sales. For example, you were analyzing cart abandonment or when users put items from your site in their shopping cart and leave the page without purchasing. If this regular customer (someone who has visited your site and made a purchase) abandoned the cart because there were no new promotions or offers, you could segment them into a “Discount Shopper” group. Then you can personalize a campaign to offer this audience segment a discount and track the cart abandonment rate. If the carts’ abandonment percentage decreases, you will have learned that this segment will purchase items if offered a promotional code.

Learn how to retarget

Retargeting campaigns are essential to reminding the customer of your brand and products. These campaigns target users who have already engaged with your site or are considered customers. This strategy will invest money in users you know are already interested in your products. You will need real-time data processing to ensure the messaging is correct and timely. An example of retargeting with real-time data processing includes reminder emails promoting items left in shopping carts. Another retargeting strategy is serving display ads to users who have viewed items on your site. Let’s use shoes as an example. The display ad might have seven pairs of shoes like the ones the customer originally viewed, hopefully driving the customer to click the ad and purchase the product.

Higher conversion rates and building brand loyalty are just two of the many perks of personalizing marketing. Consumers will expect more seamless digital marketing and improved personalized campaigns as we continue to be a digital-first society. The more personalized campaigns your business runs, the more efficient they will become and the more segmented. You will not regret starting the personalization of your digital marketing campaigns today.

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