8 Things To Do Everyday to Become a Great Sales Manager

Being a successful sales manager takes more than showing up and occasionally giving your salespeople a pat on the back. As the leader of the sales team, you must work hard to keep the team motivated and moving forward. Great sales managers achieve their potential by doing the right things day in and day out.

Integrate these tasks into your daily schedule to improve your relationships with your sales reps, your customers, and help your company achieve their goals. These are the 8 things you should do everyday to become a great sales manager.

Set measurable goals

Goals are impossible to reach if they aren’t specific and measurable. A series of smaller goals is much easier to understand and commit to, as opposed to one larger quarter goal. Instead of saying “increase sales,” say “increase sales by 10%” or something similar.

Every morning, you should review these goals to review progress, and see what is helping you achieve those goals, and what isn’t.

Observe the team

You can’t know how your team is doing if you don’t watch them in action! Wander around your sales floor and simply listen – you’ll be able to learn more than you think. While you’re there, be available to your sales reps to ask for your input or bounce around ideas. Especially if you work remotely or in a different office, make some face time so you’re available for your reps.

Stay involved with customers

It’s important for customers to have personal interaction with you as well as the sales reps. Take the time to jump on a call, or check in with you reps to see how a client is going. It’s especially important to touch base with high-profile clients, so they can be reminded customers of the value you provide and the fact that you care.

Jump in when needed

Your sales reps need you, as the manager and experienced salesperson, to help them when problems arise. You are a teammate to your reps, so you need to know when its time to roll your sleeves up and get in on the action. Look for early-stage opportunities where you could possibly leverage past experience, a network connection or some other way of helping your rep close the deal.

Meet with the marketing team

The sales team can’t operate in a bubble. You need to meet with your marketing counterpart for a daily check-in. Talk about what kind of campaigns marketing is running this week and ensure that the handoff process of leads to sales is still running smoothly. Make sure your sales strategy is driving success for the company as a whole.

Then, bring the updates you discover to your team so everyone is kept in the loop.

Learn something new

Whether it’s reading a sales blog to discover a new trend, or picking up a book about sales techniques, every day you should be expanding your skills. You never know what you might find that could inspire you and provide you with tips to pass on to your team.

Communicate Effectively

Make sure your team knows what they’re working toward and what the progress is. When expectations are clear, everyone can work more efficiently. This also means providing coaching and fulfilling your role as a mentor, continually inspiring them to perform better.

Take time for yourself

No one can work 24/7. It just results in burn-out and lowered productivity. Take time to relax and recharge will not only help you, but your team as well. Your sales reps will follow in your example, so know when you need to take breaks, or leave work early for family obligations occasionally.

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