Are You Ready to Sell Remotely?

Salespeople have been adjusting to a world without face-to-face meetings by turning to other methods of communication. They’re now more than ever relying on technology to help with selling to prospects. Gone are the days of always pitching in person with a slide deck.

The “new normal” is forcing salespeople to get creative. They know decision-makers sit around at home instead of racking up miles on the road and want their undivided attention. With the right marketing campaigns in place and solutions, sales teams can sell more and better.

Marketers can help salespeople sell remotely by creating the right content to generate leads. Prospects now have the time to do research. Attract them to your business by ensuring your content is up to date, readily available, and informative.

Everything prospects come across should point back to your website, where you can then deliver the information they’re looking for and track them with visitor tracking software.

There are several ways to ensure your digital presence is ready for your salespeople to sell in the new normal.

What’s your brand saying on social media?

Now’s the time to improve your social media presence. Prospects are looking elsewhere for information when they can’t meet with you in person. Think of the tools they’re using to learn more about your business. Seventy-two percent of the public uses some type of social media today, according to the Pew Research Center. Your prospects are going to look for your business on social media to learn more about how you can potentially help them. Make sure what they find is your company at its best. Keep your social media pages updated with fresh and engaging content to keep users engaged with your brand. Ensure your content sends your followers back to your website.

Do you have a mobile-friendly website?

Mobile is more important than you may think. Consumers are no longer sitting in front of their desktops for extended periods; instead, they’re browsing the internet via their mobile phones. A little more than 52 percent of overall web traffic is generated by mobile devices, according to data analyzed by StatCounter, a real-time web analytics service, in March 2020. A mobile-friendly website ensures that users can easily navigate pages by displaying information correctly across all mobile devices. Poor user experience can destroy your brand’s online reputation and deter prospects.

Can prospects contact you easily?

After prospects are done browsing your home page, you want them to contact you without running into any issues. The contact process should be effortless for them. If they come across too many obstacles, they may look elsewhere for similar products and services. Dedicate a reasonable amount of time to your contact page. Are you going to provide a contact form or an email address? If you decide on a contact form, don’t ask for too many details from prospects. Nobody likes wasting time filling out long forms. Keep your contact page clean if you want more opportunities to turn leads into sales.

Even though businesses aren’t selling as much in person at the moment, they’re still selling. Make it easy for prospects to find you by enhancing your digital presence and delivering the materials they need to learn more about what your business can do.

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