Marketing: Stop Planning and Begin Executing

Many marketers are idea people, which, especially in marketing, we need, but, unfortunately, ideas will only get you and your clients so far.

While we need idea people to help develop marketing campaigns, creative pieces, and strategies, we also need individuals who know how to execute and measure marketing plans. Without them, nothing gets done. Your marketing campaign remains in the planning stage, and you’re not generating any new leads.

Think you’re more of an idea person or planner? There are several ways you can ensure that you execute your marketing plan.

Create action items to keep you on track

If you’re an idea person, you don’t have to worry. You can still execute your marketing plan if you take the time to set yourself up for success properly. For example, every marketing plan you develop should have action items. Action items help you hold yourself and your team accountable. They highlight the necessary steps you need to follow to put into action your marketing plan. It’s difficult to ignore the action items outlined in your marketing plan when they’re staring back at you whenever you open it up. They serve as a reminder of the actions you need to take to implement your marketing plan effectively. Always add action items to your marketing plan.

Set aside time to execute

Are most of your days taken up with meetings and creative activities? Find time in your schedule to execute your marketing plan. You may not have a big enough marketing team to delegate tasks. Wearing multiple hats can be challenging, but when you break up the type of work you’re performing throughout the day, you’re in a better position to execute and produce. Pick a time that works for you. For example, if you’re more creative in the morning, then wait until later in the day to execute your action items. Schedule your day for optimal productivity. Only you know what that workday looks like.

Use marketing automation to save time

Marketing automation software enables you to automate many marketing activities, especially repetitive tasks. If you haven’t explored marketing automation solutions for your business, now’s the time to do so. The market is booming with options. With marketing automation software in place, you can devote more time to executing your marketing plan and ensure you’re following through with parts of it. At the very least, using a marketing automation solution is another way to hold yourself accountable. Use it to help achieve your marketing plan’s goals, including generating quality leads.

Having a marketing plan is key to generating new leads. Still, unless you execute it properly, you’re stuck with only a plan — and that’s pretty much it.

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