Why You Should Have a Content Marketing Strategy for 2023

Content marketing is nothing new, but it is more critical today than ever. As TikTok continues to grow in popularity and influence other social media platforms, brands will continue to fight for the attention of their customers. While TikTok and similar algorithms can lead to massive spikes in attention in the short term for brands, this volatility makes it difficult to generate leads and hold on to customers in the long run. An effective content marketing strategy helps brands overcome these challenges by bringing leads and customers back home.

Simply put, content marketing is content that delivers valuable information about the industry or sector of your business. Good content marketing does not directly promote your products but makes it easier to be a consumer of your products. For example, content that provides valuable information about getting in shape would be good content marketing if you make fitness equipment or supplements.

Why does content marketing work?

Content marketing makes the interests associated with your products more accessible to new audiences, effectively growing your industry. Your brand will have introduced newcomers to the industry so that most new consumers will choose your brand by default.

For those who already have interests associated with your industry, your content will allow them to connect with you. If your content marketing is in touch, relatable, and helpful, people will like your brand more for these qualities.

Boosting your content marketing

Written content is the traditional form of content marketing, but people read less than they used to. According to Statista, the average American spends about 15-19 minutes reading daily. At the same time, a study by Zenith Media found that most Americans exceed one hour and 40 minutes per day consuming video content as of 2022.

While there is nothing wrong with including written content for those interested, video is the best content to focus on in your content marketing for most industries. Youtube, Instagram, and similar creator-focused algorithms can allow you to grow an audience in a video format. Even TikTok, if you can convince people to follow you, can allow your content marketing to garner a consistent audience.

What a content marketing strategy plan should include

A content marketing strategy should have a long-term perspective and universal standards to allow the content produced to remain relevant and maintain an audience for the long haul. Like other types of modern marketing, content marketing should aim to produce similar, consistent, and recognizable content across as many popular platforms as is manageable. For the reasons in the last section, the main focus of content marketing in 2023 should be the video format.

Most of all, the content calendar should focus on valuable and exciting content to keep people coming back. While this part is the most important, it will be easier to come up with ideas than you expect. If you started a business in this sector, you already know what is interesting about it.

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