Using AI to Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

Lately, the news seems to mention artificial intelligence (AI) constantly, with new developments from Google, Microsoft’s latest updates, and overall, how AI is coming full speed ahead. But what is artificial intelligence? And, more importantly, how can you use it effectively to enhance your content marketing strategy?

In the most basic form, AI refers to the ability of a digital computer to complete tasks traditionally requiring people to perform, for example, processing large amounts of data or generating copy for your blog. Take a moment and think about what that could mean for your content marketing strategy. Your content creation teams can work more efficiently, push more customers through the sales funnel, and save money.

Content marketing requires consistent and relevant articles, posts, videos, and more. While companies strive to meet this high demand, AI can assist in creating and maintaining quality content. Enhancing your content marketing strategy with AI is easy once you have the tools, and it can help you generate ideas, personalize content, and even identify trends.

How can AI tools help with content creation?

There are a wide variety of AI tools to aid in content creation. They vary based on need, but some options focus on keyword research, content editing, creating email subject lines or ad copy, plans for writing content, auditing your existing pages, and even SERP analysis. By using natural language processing (NPL) and natural language generation (NGL) models, these tools can create new and relevant content for your business within minutes. Some tools require a paid subscription to use all parts of their AI platforms. Depending on your organization’s needs, some platforms may be worth the investment.

The creation of content is changing

If you are interested in investing in an AI tool that can help you create content for your brand, it is good to understand how it works. Are you looking for help creating blog posts? An AI platform accepts a prompt, parameters, or a description and then scans the internet for matches. Once the scan is complete, the program compiles the information together for the piece. It uses proper grammar and sets up the foundation for your team. Then your marketing experts can come in and edit, personalize, and make sure the content is correct. AI content creation is also expanding from written pieces to audio and video.

Optimizing content through AI

Some AI tools allow you to change the content on your website depending on the user visiting. The programs can customize copy, ads, graphics, and more to enhance the user experience by using information like an IP address. This is also known as dynamic content.

Another way AI can optimize content creation is with chatbots. Chatbots utilize NPL and NGL to determine why a customer visits the site and assist in solving their problem. The chatbots can also collect data to help your organization understand common questions and issues and how to help make the customer experience seamless. These results can create new roadmaps, blog posts, or other media for your business.

Using AI may be overwhelming and intimidating at first. However, researching and learning more about the perks can strengthen your content marketing strategy.

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