Ready to Pivot? Start With Your Digital Marketing Strategy

With everything going on in our society, your business’s digital marketing efforts may seem like the least of your worries, but think again.

The world is rapidly changing. There’s a “new normal” everybody is trying to get used to on some level. Many employees are still working remotely and struggling to find childcare for their children. Many state leaders are doing the best they can to figure out if there are ways to reopen public schools in the fall safely.

In other words, your customers are more preoccupied today than ever before. If you listen carefully to their needs and address them accordingly, your business will come out on the other side of this crisis on top. This same strategy can also apply to your digital marketing efforts.

Taking immediate action for continued digital marketing success is an absolute must in today’s business climate. You can’t quietly sit back and continue with your current efforts by switching to autopilot during the coronavirus pandemic. It would be best if you adapted to what’s going on around you by paying attention and monitoring how your customers are changing their behaviors.

There are times when pivoting your digital marketing strategy is necessary (e.g., when the needs of your customers change). Recognize when a shift in approach is needed. Discuss what to do to shift efforts successfully without running into too many roadblocks. The proposition is easier said than done, but flexibility during these uncertain times is essential.

If your current strategy isn’t generating enough leads, it’s time to switch things up

If your digital marketing efforts are no longer generating enough leads for your salespeople, something in your market changed. Ignoring this shift too long will only delay the inevitable — the need to develop a new digital marketing strategy.

Reassess your market to determine what you may have missed and then identify where there may be opportunities for you to refocus your marketing efforts.

You can do this by trying the following:

  • Conducting market research by developing and distributing surveys to customers.
  • Readjusting your marketing budgets by redefining target audiences.
  • Monitoring what your customers are saying on social media platforms.

Once you confirm who your audience is and what they need, determine the best way to deliver.

How often are you interacting with customers? It’s probably not enough!

With many Americans still working remotely, brands have stepped up their digital marketing efforts, and you should, too. Eighty-nine percent of consumers will buy from a brand they follow on social media, and 75 percent will increase spending with that same brand, according to Sprout Social’s 2020 Index. By increasing the amount of content you’re producing, you can better position yourself as a thought leader in your space, and that’s key to getting recognized by your customers and prospects.

But after your content is developed, where should you distribute it? Facebook? Instagram? YouTube? Building an active social media marketing strategy is necessary to convert leads into sales. If you’re devoting resources to generating the content, make sure you’re on the platforms your customers are using, so spend some time evaluating new platforms.

If your business growth is stagnant, sometimes a pivot is what your business needs. Take a look at your digital marketing efforts if you’re looking to make changes. Sometimes all you need is an adjustment here and there to get things moving again.

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